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wunder ohio animImageOhio40m?.1h15m

cle rad 2 hr ago local sirocco2h old / 40 min anim.

Image OhioImage Ohio .5 hr loop

local sirocco zoom 6h Home Server test6h->4->2->0

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wund sat uswundermap4h30m/3h30m

sirocco NEsirocco NE
upper airsfsu upper air lifted indexTotalIndex

USMAP TotalIndexTotalIndex 
 sat animsat anim sat anim<4h?  
IN tempsjets
US windsOH temps
OH temps
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Instructions, Tips, and Key for this page's best Use: Optimized for Verizon, who shrinks your images, LG links will show a larger version of your images....Since radars are often old and exaggerated, I put up many radars...The total index is how unstable the air is. So, in red over 50 often means rain popping up out of no where. I combine it with frontal map (best tracked with a more current wind map, since frontals are 3 hours old) and precipitable map and ir, to predict those unpredictable showers or dissipation of a coming storm....Never rely on one forecast...As rule, the best forecasts are updated at 3:30 am, 11 am, 4 pm, as far as I can tell. So many times out dated. And they cling to old models, rather than current data. And old avn model can be off by a small error in data. Or, it could take into account some small factor that the maps are missing...It is not a bad rule to for a opinion in morning with dozens of maps/pages and don't change mind--even in face of an approaching system-- until the predicted arc of weather gets stale at about 3pm (or after 6 to 10 hours), then check your cell phone. (This works about %80 of time and other %20 you may get rained upon.)... Naturally, rain is more likely on sundown, so be careful at this time, even if radar, predictions, and total index is not calling for rain.... Go to the avn and nam web sites to learn how to read those (24 hour world time -5 usually), as they are very helpful.

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